Custom Creations

Leave the hard work to us

The Perfect Gift!

Our Artists-in-Residence have the skills you need to create the ceramic pieces or glassware of your dreams.

Company logo? Check.
A matching set for the family? Done.
A truly one-of-a-kind, personalized gift? Absolutely.

For the cost of the base piece(s) and our artists' time, we can create whatever you need - no order is too small, or too large. Get in touch today and we'll send you a no-obligation quote and time frame!

Please note that all custom creations are executed by hand, not printed on a machine. There may be very slight discrepancies between pieces, which we feel adds to the charm of having a handmade, custom item!

Our Artists-in-Residence

Stephannie Takagawa

Stephannie offers custom ceramics and glassware, as well as reproductions of ceramic pieces. She has a wide variety of styles and specializes in hand-lettering and detail-work.

Skye Aust

Skye offers custom ceramics as well as original and reproduction acrylic and oil paintings. She specializes in people/portraits and linework.

Maggie Avenal

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