Paint Your Own

Creativity comes from within.

Ceramics, Glassware, and Canvas

Paint what you want, how you want, when you want.

Drop on by anytime we're open! There's no need to make an appointment unless you have a group of 10 or more, in which case we ask that you reserve enough space for your group by booking an event.

Pick your medium - ceramic, glass, or canvas. That's all you pay for - there's no fee for anything else. Paint in the studio for as long as you need with as many colors as you want. Prices range, on average, from $5 - $50 with specialty pieces can be up to $120. Also smaller $2 pieces can be fired onto a larger one for a special twist.

Glassware and canvas can go home with you the same day. Ceramics need to be glazed and fired, which we will do for you; this takes approximately seven (7) days and we'll give you a call when your pieces are ready! We also have an option to dry brush onto the ceramic with acrylic paint, which does not require firing.

All ages are welcome. We do ask that all minors have an adult with them at all times.

Rush firing options available for an additional $10.

Lola's To-go

Work on your ceramic, canvas, or glass creation anywhere - at home, work, or on vacation...

Select and buy your preferred ceramic piece from our diverse collection, tailored to your artistic preferences.

Need paint?

• Purchase Lola’s paint containers for $10. Choose 5 colors. Includes refill or color exchange, if needed.
• Or Bring your own (small) paint containers (up to 5). Choose 5 colors. We will fill them for free, with the purchase of a ceramic item. Includes refill or color exchange, if needed.

For ceramics, bring it back once it's painted and we'll fire it for you - at no extra charge! Lola’s will supply the brushes and you can return them along with your piece. *Brushes are not supplied for dry brush projects.

Rush firing options available for an additional $10